B.R.A.® Bra Recycling Agency was founded in 2010 by Kathleen Kirkwood, former FORD Model and current QVC Intimates & Fashion Brand, not only to recycle bras into carpet padding as a Green Initiative (using a patented process), but also to donate metal underwire proceeds to help fund Breast Cancer Research*. * All underwire and metal from recycled bras is collected and stored. Once a minimum volume/weight threshold of such metal is met, it is sold to a variety of metal recyclers at market value. B.R.A.® then donates all proceeds from the metal recycling to breast cancer research.


"Don't Burn Your Bra: RECYCLE It!"


Kathleen Kirkwood
BRA Recycling Agency

300 E 85th St
New York, NY, 10028, United States

E-Mail info@brarecyclingagency.com

Phone (631) 238-5710


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